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Biostar Intel Celeron 847 DDR3 Mini-itx Cpu-on-board Motherboard NM70I-847

Intel Celeron 847 DDR3 Miniitx Cpuonboard


Package Quantity: 1

When you buy online, it is easier to get better deals on various merchandise. Intel Celeron 847 a great item from Biostar gives new power into your pc. I think you will love that the item comes with this feature, cpu: intel celeron 847 dual-core processor (1. 1 ghz). Other features consist of sata: 1x sata3 ports, 3x sata2 ports and chipset: intel nm70. The MB is 6.7" Height x 6.7" Length x 2.2" Width. Intel celeron 847. To buy the product now at the best price, visit our partners via the add to shopping cart button below.


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